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 Creating a Character

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PostSubject: Creating a Character   Fri Aug 22, 2008 7:03 pm

To create a character, you have to do two things. You can do them in either order, but you have to do both of them.

You have to activate your Character Sheet, which is a tab in your profile. You can fill this out easily, and an admin will modify the sections that need modification. You will be put in a group based on the category you choose on this sheet, but if you want to change, simply notify an admin (I'm a good bet) and you will be switched.

The other thing you must do is post your character's profile in this forum. If your character is approved, you will recieve a PM notifying you so; if it needs changes, you will recieve a PM telling you what needs to be changed. If these changes aren't made in 7 days, the profile will be erased from the forum, so be quick about it! Also, your profile and character sheet have to match, so you can't have a warrior on your character sheet and a mage as your first character.

The template for characters is as follows:

Quote :

Name:*Your character's name.

Level: 1

Class:*Class Name (Category)

Personality:*See RPG Rules for a list of personalities.

Weapon: This will be filled out by an administrtor based on your class.

Appearance:*What your character looks like.

Gender:*Your character's gender.

Age:*Your character's age.

Bio(optional for extra characters):*Write about your character's background.

Inventory: This will be filled out by an administrator based on your class.

Gold: You start off with 1000 gold.

EXP: 0/100

An asterix means you have to fill this section out.

For the rest of your team, fill out the same form, but you don't have to fill out the bio section for extra characters. Unless you want to. History is interesting, after all.

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Creating a Character
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